This is Donna Cup

This is Donna Cup

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Women’s football tournament

A lifetime international experience

Donna Cup is a women’s soccer tournament organised by C.S.I., with its committee of Pordenone. 
Centro Sportivo Italiano promotes sport as a moment of education, growth, commitment and social aggregation.
In addition to this goals, the specific mission of Donna Cup is to support women’s football and the development of international relations between young women.

Inter fc women celebrating victory of tournament standing the trophy
happy college girl with romanian flag

First edition in 2013

A melting pot of youth

Donna Cup is the “sister” of Gallini Cup, the largest youth football tournament in Italy, with a top team in every qualification group. During the weekend of Easter, thousands of young people meet in Pordenone to participate in Donna CupGallini Cup and Cornacchia World Cup.
This events all together are a unique melting pot of youth, an experience that will be in the heart of participants forever.

Hall of Fame

2020 - Udinese

postponed to June 2021 due to Covid

2019 - Inter FC
2018 - VV Alkmaar
2017 - McLean Academy
2016 - AFC Brescia
2015 - USA Region 1
2014 - USA Region 1
2013 - Beadling Pittbsurg
2012 - Beadling Pittbsurg
Few other participants

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young player of vv alkmaar with flag at women't soccer tournament